Hike along the Gotaleden trail, a scenic hiking trail between Gothenburg and Alingsås where we are one of the stops along the way. Walk the entire trail or choose a specific section during your visit to us.

About Gotaleden

Gotaleden is a hiking trail consisting of 9 stages and offers a total of 70 kilometers of scenic and varied hiking. The trail stretches from Kungsportsplatsen in Gothenburg to Lilla Torget in Alingsås. The trail is bidirectional, and you can easily access the different stages from commuter train stations along the route. Gotaleden is an enjoyable hiking trail where you can find places to have a snack, eat, and stay comfortably at several locations, as well as experience attractions. The trail passes through some smaller towns but primarily traverses forests and nature. Along the trail, there are simple camping spots and shelters. Gotaleden is marked with blue trail markers on trees or poles.

hiking package

Vi har satt samman ett härligt paket där du kan koppla och njuta efter en dag på tur.


  • Accommodation, check-in from 3 pm
  • 2-course dinner Factory deal*
  • Entrance to our Bathhouse with two warm outdoor pools and various sauna concepts (value of SEK 195)
  • Energy bar and smoothie
  • Access to gym, indoor and outdoor
  • Breakfast buffet

hiking with kids

Why not bring the children on an exciting hiking adventure? We have spacious rooms where the whole family can fit, and the hike can be tailored to suit different ages and energy levels. We also have designated times in the Badhuset when children are welcome, a diverse children’s menu in the restaurant, and a children’s quiz in our app that can be a fun way to end the day.

Attractions & Excursion Destinations

Along the Gotaleden trail, there are many beautiful attractions and places to stop along the way.

More Trails in Western Sweden

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