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Let´s explore the surroundings of Nääs Fabriker and see what it has to offer! Below, you can read about everything: playgrounds, swimming areas, water parks, cafes, hiking trails, canoe rental and golf or castle viewing.


Alingsås is a cosy city known for its many cosy cafes, as many as 25 of them. The café culture in Alingsås dates back to the mid-1700s. Then the city’s son, Jonas Alströmer, started his textile manufacture. The locality women found employment and no longer had time to bake their bread. From this, Alingsås unique café culture is said to emerge. Perfect for a day trip!


In Nolhagaparken in Alingsås, there is a large playground and Nolhaga Zoo, an animal and bird park. Take a walk through the park and visit the donkeys, mouflon sheep, horses and other animals. In Nolhaga, there is one of Sweden’s northernmost beech forests, a viewpoint and the beautiful Nolhaga Castle with a park, gardens and an exciting forest area, “Congo”.



Nääs Castle is located a few hundred meters from Nääs Fabriker, on the other side of Lake Sävelången. The estate, which dates back to the 16th century, was bought in 1825 by Peter Wilhelm Berg, the same man who a few years later built Nääs Fabriker. The castle is open for viewing during the summer months. The landscape around the court, including an English park and beautiful deciduous forest, invites you to walk. There are large areas to run or try the belly-tickling angel swings.


In between the lakes Mjörn and Sävelången, you find Öijared with a nearly thousand-year history. Here you will meet Sweden’s largest golf resort, hiking trails and pastures. Combine the round of golf with an overnight stay and dinner with us at Nääs Fabriker.


Gotaleden is a hiking trail consisting of 9 stages and offers 70 km of scenic and varied hiking. The trail stretches from Kungsportsplatsen in Gothenburg to Lilla Torget in Alingsås. The track is bi-directional and you can easily reach the different stages from commuter train stations along the route. Gotaleden is an enjoyable hiking trail where you can have coffee, eat and stay comfortably in several places and experience sights. The trail passes through some smaller towns but mainly in forests and nature. Along the trails, there are more spartan campsites and shelters. Gotaleden is marked with blue trail markings on trees or poles. Read more about Gotaleden here


In Tollered, one of Sweden’s best-preserved mill towns, you can stroll around among beautiful houses in picturesque surroundings. Read your way through the resort and its history on signs posted on facades and buildings. It is also possible to book a historical walk through the central parts of the mill town with stories about the homes and factory buildings. The stories take up the factory’s history and life in the mill town and we look into one or two buildings. Book via bokning@naasfabriker.se or +46 31-799 63 10. It is also possible to visit the industrial museum Tollereds Öfvre Kraftstation, which is open to visitors upon request. If you prefer to discover on your own, we have our own app with texts and images about the history and present of the place.


Welcome to Sweden’s smallest cinema! It showcases quality films from all over the world, ranging from dramas and documentaries to musical films, comedies and children’s and youth films. Tollered Biograf, together with Lerum, arranges free film screenings and workshops during the summer. Read more here 


Experience the allure of enjoying nature from a canoe. Imagine the feeling of splitting a mirror-like surface or forcing foaming waves and when evening comes, fall asleep to the sound of the roar of the waves and wake up to a new day of paddling and life in the open. In Tollered, there is one of Sweden’s most famous lake systems with no less than eight interconnected lakes made for paddling. Read more


Not far away from Nääs Fabriker you find Floda. In centre of Floda there are lovely destinations such as Garveriet which offers coffee, lunch options and shopping in the stores in the area. There is also a playground called Spindelskogen, here you can small and big swing, go on a slide, hide in a fly agaric or why not climb the giant spider and climb the spider web.


The Water Palace in Lerum is an entertainment house for the whole family with experiences for young and old. Free parking is provided and good bus and local train transport links. Then there is also Nolhaga Parkbad in the heart of Nolhagaparken, Alingsås. Here you can exercise in two 25-meter pools, let the children play in the experience bath or unwind in the relaxation area’s pools, saunas and lounge furniture. There is also a café.


Located by the lake Torskabotten, in the southern part of Tollered, you will find this bathing area with a beach with a jettie in the lake. The beach consists of sand and grass, and the lake bottom of sand. There are also benches with tables, a cosy bathing area for families with children, and parking right by the bathing area.


Whether you stay at the hotel or visit us during the day, there is plenty to do throughout the area, such as boules court, outdoor gym, nature playground and rental of SUP during the summer. Read more here