Let us give you some tips on everything you can do here near Nääs Fabriker! Below you can read about everything from castle tours, golf, hiking trails, playgrounds, water parks, cafes, and discover more excursion destinations in Western Sweden.

Nature experiences at Sjölyckan

Experience the charm of enjoying nature from a canoe. In Tollered, there is one of Sweden’s most popular lake systems with no less than eight interconnected lakes, perfect for paddling. Discover our nearby neighbor, Sjölyckan! Here you will find a professional canoe center that offers canoe rental (Canadian canoes).


Nääs Castle is located a few hundred meters from Nääs Fabriker, on the other side of Lake Sävelången. The estate, which dates back to the 16th century, was purchased in 1825 by Peter Wilhelm Berg, the same man who later established Nääs Fabriker. The castle is open for tours during the summer season. The landscape around the castle, including an English park and beautiful deciduous forest, invites you to take walks. There are large open spaces to run in, delightful angel swings, and tug-of-war games.


On the scenic peninsula between Lake Mjörn and Lake Sävelången lies Öijared, with a history dating back nearly a thousand years. Here you will find Sweden’s largest golf facility, hiking trails, and open meadows. Combine your golf round with an overnight stay and dinner with us at Nääs Fabriker.


Gotaleden is a hiking trail consisting of 9 stages, offering a total of 70 kilometers of scenic and varied hiking. The trail stretches from Kungsportsplatsen in Gothenburg to Lilla Torget in Alingsås. The trail is bidirectional, and you can easily reach the different stages from commuter train stations along the route. Gotaleden is an enjoyable hiking trail where you can have a snack, eat, and comfortably stay at several locations while experiencing attractions. The trail passes through some small villages but mainly goes through forests and nature. Along the trail, there are basic camping sites and shelters. Gotaleden is marked with blue trail markers on trees or posts.

Café town ALINGSÅS

Alingsås is a truly charming town known for its many cozy cafés, a total of 25 of them. The café culture in Alingsås dates back to the mid-18th century when the city’s son, Jonas Alströmer, started his textile factory. The local women were employed and no longer had time to bake their own bread. It is said that Alingsås’ unique café culture emerged from this. Perfect for a day trip!

Playgrounds and Adventure Pools

Spider Forest

Just a stone’s throw away from Nääs Fabriker is Floda. Here you will find a playground called Spider Forest, where both young and old can swing, slide down a slide, hide in a toadstool, or even climb up the giant spider and navigate the spiderweb.

Adventure pools

The Water Palace in Lerum is the entertainment center for the whole family, with experiences for both young and old. You are offered free parking and excellent transportation options with buses and local trains.


In Nolhagaparken in Alingsås, there is a large playground and also Nolhaga Animal Park, which is a zoo and bird park. Take a walk through the park and visit the donkeys, mouflon sheep, horses, and all the other animals. In Nolhaga, you’ll find one of Sweden’s northernmost beech forests, a viewpoint, and the beautiful Nolhaga Castle with its park, allotment gardens, and an exciting primeval forest area called “Kongo” where everything is allowed to grow freely. From this, Alingsås’ unique café culture is said to have emerged. Perfect for a day trip!

Discover West Sweden

How wonderful that you’re visiting and want to explore West Sweden. There is so much to experience here, and we can guarantee that there are plenty of exciting places you haven’t visited yet. On Vastsverige.com, you can read more about various events and other tips on places in the vicinity.