We have many different activities to experience at Nääs Fabriker. We have gathered examples of activities that we recommend during your stay with us.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Only at Nääs fabriker


Welcome to our Badhuset, our Wellness Area located close to the lake and nearby the hotel. Here you can get a spa feeling when you enjoy various sauna concepts, warm outdoor pools and calm lounge environments for relaxation both outside and inside. All in a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere close to nature.

shuffleboard and table tennis

Try playing shuffle board or table tennis on level 3. These activities are free of charge for guests of the hotel.

historical walk with our app

Go for a historical walk with our app Nääs Fabriker. Here you find texts and photos about the history. Download it in App Store or Google Play.


Walk and run trails

The surroundings around Nääs Fabriker are perfect for a walk or run. Here you move through beautiful nature with beautiful lakes, forests, and open meadows and pass through the mill town Tollered with its historic buildings.
Feel free to pick up your map at our reception or download the rounds in Runkeeper.


Our indoor hotel gym is equipped with various machines and equipment, all for a good workout.

Bookable treatments

On the area, there is the opportunity to book treatments for a new hairstyle, massage, osteopathy, beauty treatments, and physiotherapy.


Everyone who attends a conference and stays overnight receives a 10% discount in the shops on the area. Here you will find fashion, home decor, design, delicacies, flowers and garden tools.


Rent sup, canoe, kayak, pedal boat, electric boat and rowing boat

During the spring- and summer seasons, we offer rental opportunities for those who want to get out on the lake and discover the beautiful surroundings.

Borrow bikes

You can borrow our bikes during April-October, free of charge and discover the surroundings around Nääs Fabriker. We are happy to recommend nice rounds!

pizza on tap on bröd & malt (3 h)

We serve stone-baked sourdough pizzas at Bröd & Malt along with a beer tasting from the brewery. A guided tour and presentation in the brewery are included.
Price: conference group 7 000 SEK, private group 775 SEK/person (min 10 persons, max 16 persons)

bröd & malt beer tasting  (2 h)

Join behind the scenes in the brewery, taste and smell the hops and malt and marvel among the yeast tanks. We start with a review of the brewery’s beer and talk about how our circular concept with bread from the bakery and beer brewing works. After this we go and check out our small brewery and yeast tanks and how this is built. We end with a beer tasting upstairs where we test ourselves through some selected beers from the brewery, as well as our brewing friends’ beer from other local breweries. For this, simpler snacks are served. Price: 316 SEK/person (min 10 persons, max 25 persons)


wine tasting (1 h)

Choose between a blind grape variety tasting or try champagne and sparkling wines. Price starts from: 280 SEK/per person (min 6 persons, max 40 persons)

Cheese tasting (1 h)

We taste three cheese families, with two cheeses per family— six different cheeses total. We discuss the differences between cheeses from the same family and how they are experienced, as well as facts and history about each cheese. The tasting is estimated to take about one hour. Tastings are arranged during the store’s opening hours, preferably from 4 pm to 5 pm or from 5 pm to 6 pm, Wednesday – Thursday. (Minimum 6, max 12 people).

vip – stay with a touch of luxury

Add a touch of luxury to your stay! We offer affordable Gold Trim packages that include, among other things, an upgrade to a larger room category: Superior, Junior Suite corner room, or Junior Suite loft room; gold trim + welcome drink (sparkling wine at 250 SEK/person); gold trim + spa kit in the room at 400 SEK/person.

teamfabriken (2 h)

Teamfabriken can be likened to an amusement park with 15 unique missions to be completed in different rooms. You compete in teams, and each team’s goal is to collect as many points as possible through effective teamwork in their missions (1,5h activity and 30 min information/winner presentation).

Price: 395 SEK/person
(min 4 pers max 50 pers)


historical walk with guide (1,5 h)

A walk through the central parts of the industrial town with stories about the residences, factory buildings, and power station.
Price: 4 200  SEK

workshop in whool

Feel at home in the cozy store, Ullmagasinet, and let yourself be inspired to create beautiful, simple, and functional products in felted wool. Ready-made kits for punching, gluing, braiding, and tying are available. Price: 450 SEK/person (max 8 persons) min. 4 500 SEK Time: 60-90 min.

Workout and well-being

kallbad med embrace the cold (1,5 tim)

Ta med kollegorna på en oförglömlig upplevelse där ni utmanar er själva samtidigt som ni stärker gruppkänslan. Vi börjar med en föreläsning där ni lär er om kylans positiva effekter och om hur andningen hjälper er hantera stress i vardagen. Efter en häftig andningsoptimering coachas ni sedan i 4-gradigt vatten under 2 minuter. Anpassningsbart upplägg. (min 8 pers) Pris: 600:-/person

yoga (1 h)

We offer all kinds of yoga. Contact us for more information.  Price: 220 SEK/person (min 2 100 SEK)

outdoor workout (1 h)

A form of exercise where the best of many worlds have been woven together to create an extremely effective, challenging, and fun workout – outdoors! Price: 2 200 SEK + 70  SEK/person

stand up paddle board (sup)

Try this trending sport and have a nice experience on the water! Price: 200 SEK/SUP per hour


Rent canoes and enjoy a trip on Lake Sävelången. Price: from 325  SEK/person


Pack your afternoon fika (coffee break) and head out onto the lake to experience the beautiful nature surrounding it.

Music, dance & painting

music quiz (1 h)

With duo.
Price: from 14 500 SEK

quiz (2 h)

Quiz that can be combined with music entertainment.
Price: from 16 000 SEK

Surprise painting (1,5 h)

A positive and creative activity where the purpose of your conference can become the theme of the painting.
Price: 395 SEK/person (min 4 500 SEK

linedance (2 h)

Learn to line dance. No prior experience required.
Price: 325 SEK/person (min 4 500  SEK)

Choir rehearsal (2 h)

Why not end the conference with a choir rehearsal that provides a wonderful boost and strengthens the group’s bond? It’s a real energy booster!
Price: 14 500  SEK

prisoners at the factory (1,5 h)

Compete in teams with different challenges and win keys. The goal is the treasure chest.
Price: 325 SEK/person (min 4 500 :-)

mission completed (1,5 H)

A fun activity that is energetic, varied and easy to adjust according to the group and your needs. Find codes and places and solve questions, tasks and photo challenges.
Price: 375 SEK/person (min 6 900 SEK)

the battle of the treasure (2 h)

Bid on competition tools in action, the prices in the team battles give clues to the treasure.
Price: 375 SEK/person (min 6 900 SEK)

build a coaster car (2 H)

Build a coaster car from crossbars, ropes and wheels. The fastest one wins.
Price: 1 750 SEK/coaster car
(min 3 pcs coaster cars and 15 persons)

lecture advices!

We are happy to recommend good lectures.
Contact us for suggestions.