Spinnerivägen 1, 448 51 Tollered 031 – 799 63 00, hotell@naasfabriker.se

Parking information

Information for you who park at Nääs Fabriker’s parking is that you now need to register your car in the parking app Parkster on your arrival. Once you have registered in the app, you park for free for the first 3 hours. Our hotel and conference guests parks for free during their entire stay.


As a hotel and conference guest, you park for free during your stay by registering your car in to our ipad at the hotel reception directly on arrival and check-in.


Upon arrival, you need to register your car in the Parkster parking app. When you have checked in, you park for free the first 3 hours. So, a tip is to download the Parkster app right now if you do not already have it in your phone. You can also text the number you find on the signs at the parking lot.

Download Parkster -app for Iphone

Download Parkster-app for Android