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Our range consists almost exclusively of sourdough bread on cultured grains – unprocessed flours with a long history. It tastes better, contains more nutrition and is also better for the environment.

The types of flour must be in focus in the breads. From light airy breads with a creamy content and a delicious crust to coarser and tasty breads with a long shelf life. Several breads contain draft and wort from the beer production, which gives a wonderfully deep taste and fine texture. Cinnamon and cardamom buns are always available, along with a seasonal bun.

See prices and range here:

Öland bread SEK 65
Rye bread  SEK 65
Malte bread SEK 65
Sesam bread SEK 65

Ölands rolls SEK  12
Sesam rolls SEK  14
Rye rolls SEK  14
Malt rolls SEK  14
Poppyseed rolls SEK  14
Butter rolls SEK 20

Cinnamon bun SEK  30
Cardamom bun SEK  30
Seasonal bun SEK  35