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Many successful weddings and anniversaries have been celebrated at Nääs Fabriker. We dare say that the conditions for the perfect celebration are optimal thanks to the location, the cuisine and our fantastic staff. This we know for sure thanks to the many successful weddings and anniversaries that have been celebrated with us. Days like these, we are truly proud of our fabulous Nääs Fabriker.

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Welcome to order our fantastic cakes, baked by our pastry chef Disa, winner of Pastry Chef of the Year 2018. The cakes are of the highest quality and are as beautiful to look at as they are good to eat. Choose between different flavour combinations. The cakes can be ordered for your wedding and other events such as birthdays, namings or other celebrations.

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An atmosphere that sets the mood of celebration

Few other places can offer the atmosphere that you experience at Nääs Fabriker. This atmosphere immediately sets the mood of celebration, whether it is a wedding, graduation reception, company party, christening or a 50th celebration dinner. The historic and beautiful environment contributes, but equally important is the hotel’s excellent cuisine and our experienced and caring staff paying attention to every little detail.


At Nääs Fabriker, you can celebrate your wedding with up to 160 guests. For slightly smaller weddings, we offer our cosy Boat Houses on the jetty by the lake. Here you can be up to 45 people seated. We have arranged many weddings and wedding parties during the years, so we have great experience in large and small arrangements. Through this, we can guarantee that everything practical around the wedding works smoothly, so you get your wedding exactly how you want it. In addition, we have ready-made wedding packages for both large and small weddings.

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Please contact us for more information event@naasfabriker.se
or by phone +46 (0) 31-799 63 22.

Drop in-wedding

Twice a year, we organize drop-in weddings. Welcome to get married in our beautiful Boat House on Valentine’s Day and Midsummer Eve.

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Order your wedding cake from the Pastry Chef of the Year

We offer fantastic wedding cakes of absolute top quality, baked by our head pastry chef Disa Molin, winner of Pastry Chef of the Year 2018. It is just as well to order for your wedding that you celebrate with us or for if you get married elsewhere. It is possible to rent different stands for your cake. Contact us for more information.

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Food truck

It is now possible to book Nääs Fabriker’s food truck for your wedding. Please contact us for more information.

Everything you need for the wedding

Here in the area, there are several companies that you can contact to make your wedding planning more manageable and more enjoyable. Both bridal bouquets, hairstyles, wedding rings and wedding dresses can be ordered here at Nääs Fabriker or nearby.

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Naming, confirmation and student reception

Nääs Fabriker is just as perfect for naming, confirmations and student receptions as weddings. It is typical for the party or reception to take place in the Boathouse, but it is just as well to subscribe to the hotel’s restaurant or the entire hotel if you are planning an event with many guests. Then we have room for a total of 130 guests.

Anniversaries and holidays

Birthdays, Christmas dinners and other holidays can be celebrated here at Nääs Fabriker. Our guests celebrate with just an aperitif and dinner in the hotel’s restaurant or choose a slightly more significant event in, for example, one of the boathouses. We are happy to put together a package and arrangement that suits your celebration.

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Please contact us for more information event@naasfabriker.se
or by phone +46 (0) 31-799 63 22.

Corporate events and kickoff

At Nääs Fabriker can all types of corporate events and conferences be arranged. In addition to an exceptional atmosphere and environment, here are all the essential parts: Hotel rooms, conference rooms, restaurant and party room for 215 participants. With our routine as a host for parties and thousands of conferences, we can guarantee the best possible conditions for your event. We make sure everything works perfectly. We can also help with ideas regarding content and the event itself, for example, giving suggestions for activities and speakers, layout and driving schedule, etc.

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Please contact us for more information event@naasfabriker.se
or by phone +46 (0) 31-799 63 22.