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Nääs Fabriker Kafé

Welcome to our cozy café in the area. Here we serve today's

The bread we bake

Baking with sourdough takes a long time. Day one the sourdough is fed, day two the dough is set and day three the breads are baked. This time allows the bread to reach its full potential, in terms of taste and nutrition.

Table Reservation

Here you can book a table in the restaurant.


Our range consists almost exclusively of sourdough bread on cultured grains - unprocessed flours with a long history. It tastes better, contains more nutrition and is also better for the environment.

Beer tastings and activities

Are you eager to do a different and fun activity together with your company? Now it is possible to book a beer tasting and our new concept Pizza on Tap at our combined bakery and brewery Bröd & Malt.