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If you have read about Nääs Fabrikers exciting history, you will know that continuous development is necessary if a place like Nääs Fabriker shall continue to attract. Therefore, we continue to develop Nääs Fabriker and we have exciting things ahead.

Our vision is to make Nääs Fabriker one of the Gothenburg area’s most talked about and popular places. Our aim is to create a destination and a vibrant hub for socializing, entrepreneurship and new ideas. Most of the offering is already in place, but some pieces still needs to be put together. Some rather simple stuff, others of the more large-scale kind that require more time and thought. The foundation of our idea is to bring more life and movement to Nääs Fabriker, attracting more people through great service, activities and experiences. The public space between the buildings will get new content, the shoreline become more inviting and activity opportunities in the neighbourhood even greater.

More shops and service
One important development is to open up the facades along the main street and prepare for new commercial businesses with entrances from here. This will provide space for companies that share our vision and wish to be a part of the creation of one of the Gothenburg area’s finest destinations.

We envision businesses and entrepreneurs who, like us, love the unique mill setting and the beautiful architecture, and that their enterprise will reinforce the unique atmosphere at Nääs Fabriker. We see it as a partnership where we together create the best possible conditions for both the entrepreneur and for Nääs Fabriker. Please contact Nääs Fabriker’s CEO Linda Pettersson, if you want to know more, or have a business idea that you think would match Nääs Fabriker.

Development of office operations at Nääs Fabriker
The office premises are included in the development strategy carried out at Nääs Fabriker. There is already an established office centre with over 60 tenants who rent offices in the historic buildings, but there are still room for development. There will be a more distinct focus on small enterprises and an office environment with an interior that is designed based on the small businesses particular needs. A great emphasis will be put on the social spaces to create a dynamic, creative environment of collaboration and exchange of ideas. Utbyggnad av hotell- och konferensverksamheten

Expansion of the hotel and conference
The hotel and conference operations at Nääs Fabriker have in recent years enjoyed a very successful development with high occupancy. This has led us closer to our visions to expand the operations with more rooms, larger conference capacity, more facilities for parties and celebrations, as well as a developed wellness offering.


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