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Year holidays at Nääs Fabriker


Nääs Fabriker Hotel & Restaurant is open and celebrates all of the national holidays except for the days just before and after Christmas.

All the great holidays and feast are celebrated at Nääs Fabriker and for each feast we have our own traditions. The hotel is open during all holidays, except for the days just before and after Christmas, and the feasts are celebrated with special holiday offers including accommodation, food and beverage. You can read more about the offers and other details about the celebrations on our website and on our Facebook page.

During Easter, we arrange our popular art walk featuring local artists and Easter crafts, on Midsummer Eve, many of our guests combines their stay at Nääs Fabriker with a visit at the nearby Nääs Slott, which is one of the most popular midsummer celebrations in the Gothenburg area.

Christmas is perhaps the greatest feast at Nääs Fabriker as the celebration continues for basically all of December until Christmas. The big highlight is the Christmas market that is held during one of the weekends before Christmas, usually around St. Lucia’s Day, our unique and rather exotic Swedish feast, on which we have a special Christmas sale, crafts, and more. And of course our popular Christmas dinner that we serve during all of December until Christmas.

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